Uganda is gifted with beautiful gorillas and having a gorilla tracking tour is such a great adventure.

You would not want to miss such a wonderful encounter while in Uganda. However, here are some tips we recommend to you before planning a gorilla trekking safari so as to have the best encounter the mountain gorillas while on your holiday.

 Tips Include;

 Secure Gorilla Tracking permits early to avoid late booking disappointments (3 to 4 months before the tracking month)

 Dress well for the jungle; Wear strong trousers, long-sleeved shirts, a hat and carry a raincoat in case of rains.  Wear High and Strong leather boots since the forest is a bit rough in order to avoid any pricks during the Gorilla Tracking activity.

 Have fully charged Cameras for this amazing experience; if possible move with two cameras to avoid running out of battery and missing out on recording lifetime occurrences with Gorillas.

 Pack Enough Food and Drinks before going for Gorilla Tracking since it is a very tiresome activity and some may last up to 8 hours. We usually recommend having heavy breakfast in the morning before leaving the lodges/ camps.

 During Pre-briefing, be so attentive as you will be informed about the precautions to take whilst Gorilla trekking in Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park.

 Be open up about your Fitness since the experience is quite tiresome and one has to be physically fit. It’s always good to move with a group that will match your pace.

 Interact with the mountain gorillas by hitting on your chest with one hand to greet Mountain Gorillas. This is a sign of a warming welcome and a greeting to them but remember to keep a distance in between you and the Mountain Gorillas.

 Enjoy the experience with Gorillas; Tracking Mountain Gorilla can be a stunning experience so enjoy the moment with the gorillas as you take as many photographs as you can.  Have fun, ask the rangers as many questions as you can, take many pictures with Gorillas as you can and remember to book a safari with us.