Meet Our Tour Guides

Meet Our Guides

At Jungleboot Africa we pride ourselves in having highly trained, social, and disciplined Guides. 
We strongly understand that a wonderful guide make a wonderful travel experience.

Key Responsibilities of your Tour Guide:

Arrange for transportation for visitors

Assemble and check required supplies and equipment before departing for tour.

Describe points of interest along the tour and answer questions as required

May be responsible to guide visitors while operating a vehicle, traveling in a vehicle or on-site while providing commentary

Monitor visitors’ activities in order to ensure compliance with establishment or tour regulations and safety practices

May have to either plan and/or conduct itineraries and activities

Our Tour Guides

Ronald M
Ronald M.
William K
William K.
Warren Turinawe
Warren Turinawe.
Paul Turyagumanawe
Paul Turyagumanawe.